War of 1812 BiCentennial Programs

The March Home- A War of 1812 Living History Encampment & Market Faire

February 14th – 15th, 10 AM until 4 PM

During the years of the nearly forgotten War of 1812 a foreign invader burned the White House, the United States invaded Canada, and the sounds of cannon fire and battle could be heard in the French Quarter of New Orleans. From 10 AM until 4 PM visitors will see the Age of Napoleon come to life though volunteers in reproduction uniforms and clothing of the War of 1812. Activities will include cannon firing drills, flintlock musket drills, and camp life talks. Also celebrate spring in the year 1812 at the Market Fair. The country is on the verge of once again being at war with England so sign up with the militia or even try your hand drilling with them. You may walk among the market stalls to witness the crafts people demonstrating or selling everything from candles to clothing, blacksmithing to herbal teas, woodworking to soaps, and much more. The program is free to all paying the park admission fee. For more information please contact Audubon State Historic Site in St. Francisville, La. at 1-225-635-3739.

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