August 2016

Spinning the Day Away

August 6th, 10AM until 4 PM

Follow the trail of early 1800’s textiles from the field to the clothes and items made from them. We start with a hands on experience carding wool. Spinning wheels turn and turn to fill the spools. Hear the weasal “pop” as it measures before sending the product off to be dyed. Lastly see an authentic loom of the period in action as it creates the cloth.


Jane Austen School for Young Ladies

August 7th, Noon until 3PM

Step back into the early 19th century at Audubon State Historic Site and experience life for young ladies in 1821. Activities will include speaking with the fan, etiquette, a tea, sewing, spinning, weaving, and making bath salts that you can take home.The cost is $30 per person including entrance fee. Pre-registration is required. Limit to 10- 20, ages 8 and above. Registration closes July 25th.


An Afternoon of Scouting

August 13th

Wolf Cub Scout Activity-1PM

Portable Garden Learn all about growing things! Make a terrarium and learn about different types of plants that grow best at Audubon State Historic Site. Afterwards walk the Nature Trails and see if you can spot your plants.

Bear Cub Scout Activity-3PM

Building the Plantation Discover different types of tools and how to use them safely. Construct a cedar shingle and learn about “Planking” as a cooking technique.


Colonial Militia School Camp

August 14th, Noon- 3 PM

Children ages 8-12 are mustered into the Colonial Militia to experience life as a Colonial soldier! Relive the war through drills, open hearth cooking, fire making, and early 19th century life. Limit to 10- 20, ages 8 and above. Preregistration is required and there is an additional cost of $20.00. Registration closes August 1st.


A Revolutionary War Home School Day

August 26th, 9AM until Noon

Preregistered students will learn about life in British West Florida in the Felicianas during the American Revolution. There will be Black powder weapon demonstrations, open hearth cooking, life of a soldier and more. There is no fee for preregistered participants. For more information please contact Audubon State Historic Site in St. Francisville, La. at 1-225-635-3739.


The Revolutionary War Living History

August 27th, 10AM until 4PM

Visit Audubon State Historic Site and step into the American Revolutionary War! Explore Louisiana’s role in the revolution and the 237th Anniversary of the siege and battle for Baton Rouge through Living History Demonstrations. Special activities include militia drills throughout the day and musket ball-making demonstrations and more. Visitors are invited to learn how to drill and march with muskets.



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