July 2017


Explore the Civil War…….July 1st, 10am – 4pm

Explore the Civil War in Louisiana and the life of a soldier through a series of ranger led demonstrations and activities held on the half hour. These include making your own Civil War cartridge, tasting hardtack, trying on uniforms, treatment of battlefield wounds, and more!


An Enslaved Life Tour        July 2nd, 10 AM, Noon, 2 PM
Take a guided tour of the plantation yard and discover the world of the enslaved at Oakley Plantation. Explore the various outbuildings and slave quarters with a Park Ranger as they reveal the lives of the hundreds of people that worked at Oakley. Please be aware this is a 45 minute walking tour over uneven ground and that in case of inclement weather the program will be cancelled.
A Taste of Tea and Thee                July 8th, Noon until 3PM
Sample a sumptuous selection of carefully-chosen specialty teas from the Colonial and Victorian periods and discover the roots and etiquette of the “afternoon tea” from Noon until 3 PM at Audubon State Historic Site.
The Dead of Locust Grove Cemetery      July 9th, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Learn about the inhabitants of this historic cemetery through figures like Sarah Knox Taylor, the daughter of President Zachary Taylor and short lived wife of Jefferson Davis, and Eleazar Ripley…Major General and Hero of the War of 1812. There will also be a short class on gravestone rendering. This program will be held at Locust Grove State Historic Site.
Oakley Young Naturalist Program           July 15th, 10 AM, Noon, 2 PM
Let your young naturalist explore the world of John James Audubon through hands on activities. There will be opportunities to explore and make their own food chain as well as reproduce both Audubon Birds drawn at Oakley and their own artwork along the sites nature trails.
Bird Feeder Workshop           July 16th, 1pm-3pm
Help provide our feathered friends with food while recycling. Participants will have an opportunity to make their own bird feeder made of empty water bottles. Help the environment in two ways at once!
Time Travelers- The Roar of Muskets, 1810            July 22nd, 11AM, 1 PM, & 3 PM
View the smoke and fire of a flintlock musket demonstration or dress in uniform, load, and fire one yourself for your own experience in history.
The ordered line of militia stands ready as their officer explains the drill and function of a black powder musket. At the command they handle cartridges from their boxes and ram the rounds down the barrel with the clink of ramrods. Their weapons raised in unison, a flash of flames, the thunder of the blast, and the air grows rich with white smoke. You too can experience this hands on history at Audubon State Historic Site. Experience the feel of the woolen coats buttoned tight, the weight of the musket as it kicks back to your shoulder, or the roar of the muzzle blast as you travel back over 200 years in a moment.
Ages 16 and up only. All standard site fees apply.
Stories of the Art of Audubon       July 29th, 10 AM, Noon, 2 PM
Discover the stories behind some of the artwork created by John James Audubon while at Oakley Plantation, hosted by park staff.  We will be going through the stories behind the creation of many of his more famous pieces such as the rattlesnake and mockingbird, turkey, and red headed woodpecker.


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