May 2018


The Louisiana Native Guard
May 5th, 10AM-4 PM
Step back 155 years in time at Audubon State Historic Site and witness the extraordinary journey of the first African American regiment formally accepted into the United States Army in the Civil War. Our adventure give visitors a chance to look into the lives of both officers and enlisted men of the unit and how it came to be. Explore how Free Men of Color, escaped plantation slaves from places like Oakley Plantation, and in many cases white officers changed the face of the Civil War at Battles such as Port Hudson or campaigns such as the Red River. The program includes weapons and drill demonstration, camp life for both enlisted and officers, and a medical presentation.





The Louisiana Gold Rush
May 19th, 1-4 PM

Did you know in the 1800’s Louisiana had its own mini gold rush? Have you ever panned for gold ? Explore both at the park in this ranger led program and hear how one of Oakley’s own became part of an earlier gold rush in America. All ages. For more information please contact the park Wednesday-Sunday 9 AM until 5 PM at 1-225-635-3739.



The Plantation Apothecary

May 20th, 1- 4PM

Discover medicine and medical practices used by Lucretia Pierre at Oakley Plantation in 1821. Find out how an herb garden would double as an early medicine cabinet for our apothecary






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