October 2016



Fury in the Streets-The Battle of Baton Rouge
Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 1 and 2.
Journey back into history to the year 1862, when visitors will see a recreation of the sights and sounds of the Civil War battle for Baton Rouge in 1862.  Each day walk through the soldier camps and see living history demonstrations of soldier life by reenactors in blue and grey. You will hear black powder weapon demonstrations of both rifle and cannons. There will be a reenactment of the August 1862 battle each day and all activities conclude at 2 PM on Sunday.
Oakley After Dark Candlelight Tour
October 22nd, 7 PM & 8 PM
Grab a friend and take a step back into time on this historically based tour of the less talked about side of life at Audubon State Historic Site.  Stroll through the plantation yard by lantern light and visit slave cabins to explore life for the enslaved of the plantation.  Don’t forget to catch a glimpse of the only remaining slave grave of Oakley Plantation.  You are sure to be spell bound as you tour Oakley House by candlelight and hear the stories and legends of the plantation. 


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