September 2017

Time Travelers- The Thunder of Cannon, 1810
September 2nd, 11AM-Noon-2PM
View the smoke and fire of a cannon demonstration or dress in uniform, load, and fire one yourself for your own experience in history in the year 1810.
The ordered line of militia stands ready as their officer explains the drill and function of the cannon. At the command they handle cartridges from their limber boxes and ram the rounds down the barrel with the clink of rammer staff. There is a flash of flames, the thunder of the blast, and the air grows rich with white smoke. You too can experience this hands on history at Audubon State Historic Site. Experience the feel of the woolen coats buttoned tight or the roar of the muzzle blast as you travel back over 200 years in a moment.
Ages 16 and up only.
All standard site fees apply.
1810 West Florida Rebellion              September 3rd, 1- 4 PM
Visit the camp of a Spanish soldier at St. Francisville during this Living History program. A costumed Park Ranger will explain about life for the soldiers in the colony, the revolution, and the role of St. Francisville as the first capital. Visitors will also see what the soldiers wore, what they wore, and see a black powder musket demonstration.










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