Oakley Plantation needs Volunteers!

If you are a current volunteer at Oakley Plantation we thank you for everything you have done for the Park. We hope to see you again soon and please check back often on this site for info on events. If you have a wish or desire to try your hand at cooking over an open hearth or weaving with a period loom or making soap, candles or weaving baskets among many other crafts, then Oakley Plantation is where you will find the staff and volunteers to teach you these skills. If you would like to learn the tour of the house and be a volunteer tour guide, the staff at Oakley is always in need of volunteer tour guides. Also if you like to putter in gardens Oakley has a wonderful herb garden along with vegetable and formal gardens.

You will also be able to email directly from this site to the staff at Oakley Plantation for any other information that you might need.

Audubon State Historic Site email link below


Physical address and mailing address

Audubon State Historic Site
11788 La Hwy 965
Saint Francisville, Louisiana, 70775

Audubon State Historic Site Phone numbers:

Local 225-635-3739
Toll free 1-888-677-2838

Official Website

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