School Day Programs 2016-2017


 All School Day Programs require preregistration!

A Revolutionary War Home School Day
May 12th, 9AM-11AM
Join us in discovering how the Revolutionary War came to our doorstep in Louisiana’s only Revolutionary War School day .
The day will resound with the peal of musket fire, the stirring beat of drums and the thrilling call of orders, as the Militia musters at the plantation. Special activities throughout the day will invite school children to experience the sights and sounds of our colonial ancestors, reacting with hasty alarm to action at Baton Rouge in 1779. Men hasten from their farms, homes and families to march to the aid of those already engaged in the pivotal battle of the American Revolution on the Gulf Coast. Housewives cook and entertain in their kitchens and parlors, watching from a window or doorstep perhaps, as the men march off to war. Then, young visitors are invited to become minutemen and women, wielding muskets, learning to drill and march as soldiers of the war.”Muskets” are provided for this ever-popular exercise in leadership, bravery, and derring-do for small patriots.
For a day of history, entertainment and discovery, visit the park as we celebrate our nation’s beginning and continuing perseverance, in war and in peace. 



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